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0 - $500,000 annual TPV

$300 /month

Ideal for early-stage startups and small businesses

  • 3 PSP integrations

  • No VAS integrations

  • Single API/SDK integration for all PSPs, VASs, and up to 5 payment methods

  • PCI-compliant vault for PSP-agnostic card tokenization

  • Unified checkout experience with custom branding and limited multi-language support

  • Payment flows supporting headless checkout and transaction routing rules

  • Recover failed transactions through retries and rerouting*

  • Central transaction reporting and refund management

* Extra fees

Most popular


$500,000 - $2,000,000 annual TPV

Starts at

$1000 /month

For businesses optimizing for high performance and scaling

All features of the Starter package plus

  • Up to 12 PSP integrations

  • Up to 6 VAS integrations

  • Unlimited payment methods

  • APM tokenization

  • Improve conversion with checkout engagements

  • Risk profiles and scoring

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Seamlessly migrate data from PSPs to your MoneyHash payment hub*

* Extra fees


Over $2,000,000 annual TPV

Custom Pricing

For large scale businesses seeking ultimate control and customization

All features of the Growth package plus

  • Unlimited PSP integrations

  • Unlimited VAS integrations

  • Priority for new integrations

  • Unlimited multi-language support

  • Payment flows through smart routing and A/B testing

  • Advanced insights and reporting

  • White-glove onboarding and payment strategy consultation

  • Audit log

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Universal Integration

Build a multi-PSP and mix a custom set of payment methods and services through a single API integration.

Payment Methods

Quickly deploy a variety of payment methods to improve conversion and customer loyalty.

Up to 5 Payment Methods

API Integration

A single integration to connect with our network of value-added, pay-in, and pay-out providers.

Mobile SDK Integration

The SDK allows you to build full payment experiences in your Android and iOS apps.

Sandbox Access

The Sandbox Environment allows you to simulate and test all integration functionalities.

Custom API/SDK

Build a customized version of our integration capabilities to support your unique needs.

Extra fees

PCI Compliant Vault

Store your customers payment details in a secure and agnostic vault.

Card Tokenization

Secure credit or debit card information by encryptying card numbers into unique secure tokens.

APM Tokenization

Store non-card payment details for express checkout and enhanced customer experience.

Unified Checkout Experience

Create a cohesive checkout experience across channels, regions, and payment methods.

Custom Branding

Make the checkout experience your own by customizing color, icons and logo to promote your brand.

Pre-payment Forms

Collect relevant customer information such preferences or shipping, and attach them to transaction details.

Bill Breakdown

Show a detailed summary of the purchase details, taxes, and other fees.

Manual Payment Methods

Support non-digital payment methods such as cash or bank transfers instructions.

Language Localization

Localize language based on region or customer preferences.

Up to 2 languages
Up to 3 languages

Checkout Engagement Beta

Promote certain payment methods, and communication relevant policies and information to your customer.

Payment Flows

Maximize value and efficiency of each transaction and overall checkout and payment performance.

Default Settings

Set all your organization’s default checkout settings and payment behavior.

Dynamic Checkout

Tailor your checkout experience to different geographies and/or payment scenarios.

Routing Rules

Define a custom route for all kinds of payment that suite your business needs.

BIN Routing

Setup routing of card transactions based on the card BIN to the selected processor / acquirer.

Risk Profiles & Scoring

Create risk profiles and assign conditions of transaction risk scoring, and trigger certain actions to minimize risk.

A/B Testing Beta

Run routing experiments between PSPs to test performance and build a data-driven strategy.

Revenue Recovery

Optimize for success with capabilities to recover failed transaction and avoid customer churn.

Recovery Rules

Setup recovery logic of retries, fall-backs, and data intelligence to increase authorization rates.

0.5% per recovered transaction
1% per recovered transaction
1.5% per recovered transaction

Smart Recovery Beta

Put recovery on auto-pilot and leverage MoneyHash’s wealth of data in finding the optimal way to success.

2% per recovered transaction

Reporting & Operations

Streamline your data reporting and payment management processes with our central hub.

Central Transaction Report

Centralized transaction report across markets, methods, and providers.

Refund Management

Initiate and track refunds of all your customers from a single dashboard.

Data Exports

Export your transaction data into excel sheets to run your own analysis and data syncs with other parties.

Insights & Reports

Track your revenue and performance across channels and payment partners.



Support capacity dedicated to always assist you with your growing needs.

Dedicated Account Manager

Data Migration

Bring your data from other systems and PSPs into your payment hub securly.

Extra Fees
Extra Fees

Audit Log

Access a detailed log of activity and workspace behavior to troubleshoot security, operations, or to handle compliance.


Billing Management


Streamline your billing operations by enabling our Billing Management module to support you in sending payment link, create and manage invoices, and subscription management.


per transaction

Special discount to large volumes

Payment Links

Invoicing System

Subscription Management

Discount Management

For Software Platforms & Merchant Aggregators

Platform Connect

Offer your merchants seamless PSP integrations and payment features through our Super-API infrastructure.

Custom pricing and partnerships

  • Single integration to our entire network of connections

  • Merchant portal for PSP integrations and transaction reports

  • Pre-built checkout experience with custom branding and multi-language support

  • Opportunities to resell value-added services and infrastructure features


Virtual Wallets

Increase customer loyalty and build a seamless refund and balance operations by supporting closed-loop virtual wallets.

Custom pricing

Create and attach a wallet to a customer ID

Top-up, debit, or manage balance

Enable wallets for checkout, refunds, and payouts

Frequently asked questions

TPV, or Total Processing Volume refers to the total amount of transaction value or payments that are processed by MoneyHash through a pay-in or pay-out request. TPV can be calculated by adding up the value of all of the transactions that have been processed by MoneyHash during that time period. For example, if MoneyHash handles 10,000 transactions in a year, and the average transaction value is $100, the TPV for that year would be $1,000,000 (10,000 transactions x $100 per transaction = $1,000,000 TPV).

When your annual TPV threshold is reached, it means that you have processed the set amount of payments or transactions within a year of your package. Depending on your preference, you can opt-in for an overage / top-up package or move into one that matches your new needs. Please contact your account manager or sales team to best support you in that transition.

An Integration is adding a single connection with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) to your payment stack. When you add a provider through our dashboard, it counts as 1 connection regardless of the number of geographies covered by this provider, or the number of payment methods aggregated. Some providers have separate integrations for specific geographies or payment methods. In that case, we count each of the separate integrations as an additional connection.

You will be able to access your account as soon as you complete the Billing Form and your credit card is successfully charged for the first monthly payment. Once your account is set up, you should be able to log in and start using the MoneyHash services immediately.

Failed transactions are lost revenue and can cause customer churn. Dependent on the reason of decline and multiple other factors, we employe sophisticated logic of payment retries, fallback systems, and rerouting to recover as much as possible.

Platform Connect allows businesses serving sub-merchants to find the payment provider they are currently using, and connect it to the platform. It also enable the platform to offer payment related features that are compatible with any provider. The pricing of this program is custom as each platform has their own business model, market dynamics, and needs.

No. MoneyHash encourages all customers to utilise our vault for card tokenization.

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